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I was suppose to get my period a On monday and I started bleeding yesterday and it ended today. I have a bugle on my lower left abdomine and its alittle bit painful but mostly just pressure. I have very little appetite and only have the urge to eat at random time during the day. I;ve been extremely tired and have been having cramps. I've been taking the home pregnancy test but they keep coming back negative. When the blood started yesterday is was brown and pink and then turned a dark color red but it was very light and like i said stop tonight so only lasted 2 days. Do you think I could be pregnant or maybe its an ectopic?


Did you have an unprotected sexual encounter since your last period? If so how long after your period? Have you been taking the home pregnancy test in the morning with your first urine of the day? Sometimes when you get brown bloody discharge it could be left over uterine wall lining that did not shed during your last period or a sign of implantation bleeding. Brown discharge is also a sign of some other conditions but those are the most common. You can go to your doctor and get a blood pregnancy test taken. The results are more accurate and will pick up the hcg hormone better than the urine pregnancy test. Good Luck