Ok so I'm 17 and I have aspergers (a form of autism). I've been through extensive therapy and all sorts of c**p for anxiety and social anxiety in general to act normal (most people don't know I have autism so it worked!) but I'm having lots of trouble sleeping...usually do too sudden feelings of anxiety at night and racing thoughts that cannot be suppressed...I sleep like 3-6 hours a night and am super tired as a result...I also have trouble paying attention in school. I talk to my doctor and she is too conservative, She tells me to continue my regular treatment plan of ambien for sleep which gives me terrible hallucinations at times, makes me sleep walk and takes over an hour to act and 30mg of fluoxitine...I feel better after to talking to her but shortly after I feel as bad as I did before. I recently suggested taking focalin 10mg like I used to for the ADD under the recommendation by 3 MDs as well as lorazepam at night so I can be stress free for some sleep...she just told me again to continue the med layout as is. I've been having these issues for well over 4 years and have been seeing this doctor for about a year and a half, does she think I have drug seeking behavior or something? We've been playing this avoidance game for like a year, I'm tired of lying about my stress and focus because some idiots abused controlled substances and she thinks I'm some meth head now. That coupled with the fact that half my school is on prescribed stimulants for "ADD"...I have an IQ of 130 but I can't focus or sleep....not much use for my goals...anyone have any experiences with this or suggestions?