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I hate needles!!!  lolol.  I have to give myself insulin every day and I haven't gotten used to it at all.  I want to be able to have another option to exercise.  So I have a question about Insujet and Injex... does anyone have any experience with it?  I would love to get a hold of this and try it.  Is it just as effective as an injection?  Does it hurt worse?  I will definitely get one if it is needle-less and doesn't hurt too bad.



Hello, Guest!  I believe you would benefit from administering insulin via the Insujet or Injex injection systems.  With the Insujet insulin injection system, the system uses pressurized liquid and forces it through a small orifice. The pressure and high speed of the liquid penetrates the skin and is absorbed under the skin.  A spring is contained in the system where it optimizes subcutaneous penetration so that the insulin is delivered into the soft tissue.  This also ensures a virtually painless injection of insulin to the diabetic patient. The Injex insulin injection system works in the same way where the insulin is pressured through a tiny orifice to be delivered into subcutaneous tissue in your abdomen or thigh.  It does this within a fraction of a second.  You need to be sure when using either system to hold it firmly into the skin's surface to ensure the insulin shoots into the tissue.  It will runover onto your outer skin if not firmly placed at a 90 degree (vertical) angle.  The injections are virtually pain-free and if there is any pain, it is not as bad as an needle.  If you find you have a wet shot, where the insulin does not enter the subcutaneous tissue, you will need to take your blood glucose reading in an hour to see if any of the insulin has been administered.  You will have to correct your blood sugar if too high with a further dose of insulin as needed.