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What are some good insulin injection practices? Whenever I'm in the hospital, most of the nurses seem to inject insulin in such a way that I barely feel the needle stick, but when I do it to myself it always seems to hurt. Maybe because I'm anticipating it more? I've never liked needles and getting diagnosed with diabetes was jus about the worst thing to happen to someone like me who doesn't like needles. So what are some good injection practices that could make it not hurt as much?


Do the nurses inject in your stomach tissue or elsewhere?  Do you do it in the same area?  You will want to rotate sites around your abdominal area and maybe put it in your thigh at times so that your tissue doesn't "toughen" up or develop thickness where it is difficult for you to insert the needle.  Also, when you inject, do it at a 90 degree angle.  I hope this helps with making it less painful.  If you don't like needles, you could be experiencing more pain because of the anticipation, like you said.  Just do it quickly and get it over with when you inject.