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To be on insulin, or not to be?  That is the question now!  lolol  Can a person decide if they need to be on insulin or not?  I want to take pills not insulin shots so I know if it comes to that, that is what I will tell my doctor.  I can't see myself poking myself in the stomach with a needle every day.  I am afraid of needles.  Is there someone that could tell me how to get the doctor to give me pills?  thanks


Hello, Guest!  So you are not too crazy about doing insulin shots. I do not think very many people are!  Insulin shots are not like regular intramuscular shots where they go into the muscle tissue. Insulin needles are much smaller and just go into the subcutaneous tissue (layer above the muscle).  These shots should not hurt like the other injections. Once you start taken them, you will find they are not as bad as they seem. 

Patients generally are started on an oral medication for blood sugar control before being put on insulin. You will not be able to ask the doctor for an alternative just because the oral medication works differently than the insulin does.  Oral meds help the pancreas to put out more insulin.  Once the pancreas can do this no longer, than the patient will need to go insulin.  The doctor will prescribe to you what will work best in your situation.  If you are on oral meds, you can control your blood sugars by diet and exercise as well and stave off having to need insulin. 

There are patients that can maintain just being on oral meds for many, many years before ever needing to take insulin.  Are diabetics out there that have been on oral medications for more than ten years?  Share your story!