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I was told about the Injex Insulin Jet systme and I was wondering if anyone else has used it?  Is it better than a needle?  Does it hurt as much as a needle or is it painless?  I hate needles so i was hoping this would be a better alternative.  Thanks!


INJEX Insulin Jet System is great for people who have a fear of needles.  It offers a way for the insulin to be injected by air so that it goes into the fatty tissue under your skin.  It is much less painful than a needle and the fact that it is needle-free is enough for anybody to try it without fear.  It is a pen-like system so it is easy to use  and convenient to carry around.  You won't have to measure out and draw up insulin with it either.   It is much more expensive than your typical syringes and vials but it may be worth it to the person who hates needles. For people on the go, it would be a simple, easy pen to carry and use when needed.  When going to restaurants and other public places, it could administer insulin with ease.  I am told you just dial up to what reading you want on the pen and push a button to release the insulin into your thigh, stomach, or arm.  I would like to hear from other patients.  Are there any users out there that care to share their experience with the INJEX Insulin System?  Is it easy to use and is there much pain with the use of it?  How effective is it?  Do you like the device over syringes and needles?  Do you think it is worth the price to pay over buying other diabetic supplies?  Would you recommend it to other patients?