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ok well me and my boyfriend have been together for about 1 year and 2 months, and september 20 we had sex(wasnt our first time) but we always use protection and the condom broken. a couple weeks after the condom broke i started feeling really different, i would get snippy 1 minute then all nice the next. im always craving a snickers bar with icecream on it, and pickles with mustard, i useually dont drink white milk its always choclate but now i am, and i love it, i use to hate it, im always feeling bloated and getting a little bigger, i gained 5 punds so far. i did some research the other day just playing around on and it said i was about 10 weeks pregnate but of course a computer cants tell if your pregnate so i looked up 10 weeks pregnate bellies, and belive it or not my belly is the same size as the ones int he pictures., so i decided to take a test it was my frist time, so i messed up on it, i didnt put enough pee on it, so i took it back out of the garbage ten mintues later, with the windows being clear no lines or anything, so i peed on it more, turned out negative. took another one that said positive, i took another one that said negative, im completly confussed weather im pregnate or not.

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Disregard the first test. If you try to retest an already use pregnancy test, it can give you false results.

If you have diluted urine, you're likely to get a negative when you're pregnant. You need enough hormone in your urine to test positive. Use first morning urine from now on. You can test one more time and see what you get, or you can just call your doctor and have him schedule a blood test. A blood test is more confirming of pregnancy than an HPT.