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i had an abortion done in 08 05 2010 this year was 12 weeks , --- i was in an accident before i knew i was pregnant and was put on medication as well as antibiotics which caused alot of trouble so i had to make the biggest decision of my life which caused bleeding and the abortion two monthes ago ... please help me answer these questions it is now oct 18 2010 i got my regular period last month sept. and october but only for four days that it lasted also now i am feeling like i did when i was pregnant than ... can i be pregnant? when is the earliest i can check? and is it harmful as well as to early for me to be pregnant this soon after its only been 2 monthes and two weeks after the procedure was done .. i am worried is it safe to be pregnant two monthes after ?


On the last and most serious issue first, is it harmful: don't know, I'm an experienced adult, not a doctor. If they haven't already given you information of that nature, go back to your doctor or clinic and ask.

If you had an october period (and i notice no mention of when you actually had sex last, or with what frequency), then it's a little early to be wondering if you're pregnant, isn't it, because (again you don't mention dates) we're barely half way through yet.

Technically, depending on which test you take, you can test the 1st day of your missed period, but some claim earlier, others may be later.

For what it's worth, your body is a very resilient miracle of bio-engineering: regardless of whether your abortion was induced by chemicals (pill) or removal, I would expect any temporary trauma to be resolved by now, especially as the purpose of your period is precisely to renew the lining of the womb for a new possible pregnancy. Nature's pretty sophisticate, isn't she?

So, check it out with your doctor if your concerned, as always.