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OKay I'm not sure if I CAN get pregnant like this but I still want to know if there is a possibility....I'm scared....well First off I have a Boyfriend and I've never had sex before but when things got hot and sweaty we'd fool around. Last sunday He was over at my house and we were fooling around (with clothes on) I got some pre cum on my fingers and without realizing it rubbed myself through my panties....usually I get my period around the end of a month or towards the beginning of a month, my last period ended on Sept 2 now it's Oct 3.....I'm really scared....Is it possible that I could get pregnant like this?


If there's any chance sperm could come into contact with fluids around the vagina I think pregnancy is a possibility but highly unlikely. I'm not an expert though >__< If your really stressing about things it can delay your period, once my friend didn't have a period for 4 months after a break up!
It isn't very late yet so just try to chill and if it's over a week late take a pregnancy test just to make sure and ease your mind.

I hope this helps. It's correct to the best of my knowledge :p