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had unprotected sex the 16 and 22 of Feb, took plan b both times after incident. Got a very heavy period the 23 of Feb, so I assumed I was in the clear for having to worry about pregnancy. I started Sprintec on the 1 of March. I went off birth control after about a week and a half of being on It. Shortly after I got another period. Now, still haven't gotten my period for this month yet.

Took two pregnancy tests both negative. even though i got bleeding and periods after taking plan b, just thought i would take them to make sure im not. is my period not coming because i took plan b so many times last month, and went on birth control as well? when can i expect my period to come? since i had basically two periods last month there's no chance i actually could be pregnant, right?


Dnt worry ...stress delays the process too .. Chill n wait ..u will b fine ..