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Hey For the last 2 months I have bein feeling pregnant. I had protected sex but the condom broke and we're not sure if any sperm got out. I had all the symptoms I had nausua head aches although I suffer from constant headaches I am always tired I can wake up at 11 and still be exhausted by 6 at nyt I hav constipation one day and a runny tummy the next I suddenly can't drink coffee and I love coffee but lately it taste like cigaret ashes and I can't stand the smell of pringles my eating habits have changed one day I will eat like 5 times and the next I will eat like once I know ur supposed to get tender boobs but mine aren't extreanly painful every now n then if u push on them they do hurt and my boyfriend says he thinks they getting bigger ad my bra does seem tighter. But last month I was over a week late so I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative:(.. But I still feel pregnant! And I still have the symptoms like now I have weird stomach cramps that come n go and af is a few days late again. Am I getting my hopes up or could I be pregnant? Any help! Sam


hai ..may i know if you get pregnant or not?