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I'm at a loss here I have 2 children one who is 2 the other only 8 weeks my younger child has colic and i have even been to health professionals about this. Only to have the neighbours without even knocking on my door to see how things were call the police. Now i'm haveing to keep my children quiet all through the day and night which is virtually impossible as my younger has colic and my elder is lively.
What can i do? I know the neighbours are aware of this obviously but im trying my best and am now starting to think the whole reason they've started to do this is because i refused their balcony extension as it would block out my sunlight in the garden. I got decking done after haveing to save for it so my elder one can play outside to refrain her from causing to much noise now im too scared to even let her go out there to play as the neighbours would probably call the police on me again.

I have now had to contact my landlord to move me even to a bedsit because i am that desperate to make sure that police aren't called again. I've also gone for exchanges.

I just need some advice on how i can keep my children quiet so as the neighbours don't call the police out again. I'm absoloutly exhausted as i've had to start staying up later to make sure my children don't cry or shout.
Would really appreciate some advice thank you in advance.


Dear God, what is happening with those people? Where do you live, anyway? Because every parent in this world knows that this can happen to every baby and that babies usually cry because of colicky pain in that time, when kids are small, and I believe that they do know how your baby is old, since they do know everything, even that you are "molesting your baby". What police had to say about this? I mean, I can't really give you any advice about this, because I am really confused with the way on how your neighbors are acting in several cases. They need to get a good parenting lesson. 



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I'm confused. What country are you living in where it's against the law for kids to be kids? I don't think they were that bad even in the old socialist Russia.

What did the police say when they came out?
This sounds more like dealing with noisy dogs or keeping farm animals like roosters, in the city.

You don't muzzle kids just because the neighbors don't like them.