i have suffered from panic, anxiety for 3 yrs , I am 24yrs old and i have had an array of physical symptoms that were all jsut "anxiety" but now after stopping my lexapro for 7months now i am having new problems.
my main question is whether it is possible to have a panic attack and the heart rate is normal or even a little too calm. Mine has seemed to be between 62-80 even when I feel like i m having an attack. I always thought and in the past my heart rate went up when i panicked.
So this feel scarey and like a real physical problem>

IS is possible that i feel panicky, short of breath but that my pulse stays calm and that it is all just another attack?? IS it still anxiety or is this a real physical problem? I m scared and I feel like no one knows what to tell me. If u have experienced this please let me know i need some support and answers>

thank u