Quitting Smoking and Bloating and Flu Like symptoms-I am posting on here because I have not only tried quitting smoking several times only to begin again for my health, but to let others know what I have discovered. It would be so nice to have answers, and I am not sure that I have them, but getting this out there may help. First, I want to say that I have smoked on and off for the past 10 years. Interestingly, when I smoked for about 3 years and smoked a brand of cigarettes that were not natural (I have been smoking American Spirits now for the past 7 years) and filled with horrible chemicals, I had no issues after quitting...no bloating, no flu-like symptoms. But now, over the past 7 years, I have tried quitting several times and each time it has been unbearable. It begins with bloating after about 24 hours, and like others, even liquids cause bloating, which is odd to me, since this has little to do with digestion. Each quit lasted for 3-6 months before returning to cigarettes, which immediately eased the issues. But after my last quit, after 3 months, I also became very ill. I mean it was like having the flu for over 6 weeks. I eventually read about others who had experienced the issue and slowly started smoking again "for my health" as crazy as that sounds. Sure enough, I got better after about 3 days of smoking again. Now I am wanting to quit again. Emotionally and mentally I have no problems quitting, but the physical symptoms are just terrible. I would like to add that I keep a journal and recently read through my journals and found where these problems were consistent every time I quit (the first few times I had no idea what was wrong and didn't associate it with quitting cigarettes-I just thought I had something wrong with my digestive system and tried fixing it). So, here are some questions that I have. 1.) Why is it that some of my friends who were much heavier smokers than I am and quit have not experienced the same problems with bloating and flu like symptoms? (Note, they smoked regular cigarettes, not the natural brand that I have been smoking for years). 2.) Could it be that something has been added to cigarettes or to the paper that is causing this problem? It seems that this would be common amongst all quitters, and would be a well-known issue in the history of quitting. Something just seems strange to me. What in the heck has happened to cigarettes that our bodies would be this badly affected? 3.) Could it be the brand of cigarettes? This is why I am posting this...I am interested in finding out if this is a problem with multiple brands or the new "natural" cigarettes. 4.) Has anyone been able to finally overcome the issues? One forum that I read, a woman had quit and was still having issues a year later. Once the flu-like symptoms kick in, I would not be able to function for over a year. There just has to be a better way to fix this. And the last thing that I want to post is a potential cure, though I haven't tried it; that is to purchase some very pure, organic, loose tobacco that has not been processed through a cigarette company, put it into capsules and ingest it. As awful as smoking cigarettes can be, we must remember that tobacco is a sacred healing plant that has been used for thousands of years for healing in native cultures. So, maybe using it in a different method to get it into our system would serve that purpose. I do caution anyone else who might consider this method to NOT chew it and ingest, as you could become very ill. Its a purgative and is used in ceremonies as such in certain cultures. But using a small amount in capsules may be helpful. These are my thoughts on the matter. It would be helpful to hear from anyone who has successfully and I mean fully found a way to get over the bloating issue as well as the flu like symptoms. Maybe a massive detox, cleanse at the same time as the quit? Thanks for listening...hope to hear some success stories and any other ideas that someone might have for healing and overcoming this annoyance! In the meantime, my next plan is the capsule and pure tobacco ingestion method. I will try before the quit to ensure there are no bad side effects, like nausea. I will keep you posted.