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I am 30 years old and my mum had (and survived) Breast cancer 12 years old.

I check my breast every month and there are no lumps, etc. but the skin on one of my nipple is a bit flaky.

Is this anything to worry about?


Well, I think that you should have it checked and see what it is all about.

While flakiness around nipples could be nothing much then a dry skin, it could be also indicating a very rare cancer of the nipple called Paget’s disease.

The Paget’s disease starts from the ducts in the nipples but there is usually a mass within the breast and it most commonly appears in women who are over 50. However, sometimes the mass may not be present at all. You need to see a breast specialist to rule these out unless your doctor determines it is eczema, psoriasis, typical dryness of the skin, irritation from cloths, fungal infection or even bacterial infection of the breast.

Like I said, while it could be nothing it could also be quite dangerous. To be on the safe side, see a doctor. Good luck!