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Bottom eyelids are flaky, itchy and swollen. Put a cold compress on my eyes. What else can I do. Been to dematologist and MD. Can't see the eye doctor till next week. Help!


Hey there

It seems that you have some nasty eye infection. Try to use warm compress instead of cold because cold isn’t always good for eyes. I am facing eye infections very often and I use home remedy which my grandmother has showed me many years ago and it always helps.

Make yourself a chamomile tea and take out tea bag. Wait few moments to get just a little bit cold and then put it on your painful eye. Keep it like this for about ten minutes and then put it back in the tea again. Repeat this action one more time. You will feel better for sure. You can do this few times during the day and since you are seeing ophthalmologist in a just few days you should be fine.