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So what’s the latest excuse for not working out? Maybe you don’t have the equipment or weights to make it happen. Life, Fitness, and Nutrition Trainer Gail Kasper talks about some great options that involve nothing but you and perhaps some household item.

So what’s your latest excuse for not working out? Maybe you just don’t have the time to get to the gym. That’s understandable, there is so much going on in our lives, but why not workout at home? I’m guessing you might say, I don’t have the equipment or weights to make it happen. Let’s talk about some great options that involve nothing but you and perhaps some household items.

That’s right, all is not lost. Here is a great option – Body Weight Exercises.

These exercises, which should never be taken for granted, have tremendous impact on your body when performed routinely. Get into the habit of working out four times per week for 30 -45 minutes/day. If you do this and combine it with the right nutrition plan, you will inevitably see results. There’s burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or variations thereof. After all, they are the “it” thing to do. Certainly, we still hear about the people who spend their lives at the gym, but more often than not, people want to get in and get out. There are long workdays, kids events, and then after-work “work” that needs to be done. There just isn’t time to go to the gym and stay there for hours.

Bodyweight exercises combine cardio with the strength training, increase your flexibility - which is great for your joints, and supports positive strong posture.

Even better, when done on a routine basis, your overall body composition is stronger which will also reduce the chance for injury when exercising. And even though it’s nice to get out of your house, your stress level can be greatly reduced when your gym environment is as simple as going downstairs to your basement or into a neighboring room of your home.  As you can see, this option presents a win-win situation.

So here you are, at home, ready to go. You’ve done a few burpees and related exercises, but you lack the weights to enhance your exercise routine.

Let’s take a look at a few weight substitutions:

3.5 Pounds: 1.5 Liter Water Bottle.

5 Pounds: Bag of sugar.

8 Pounds: Gallon of water.

10 Pounds: Bag of potatoes.

35 Pounds: Case of 12-oz cans of sparking water.

40 Pounds: Bag of dog food.

You might decide to use these weights for bicep curls or a bench press or even lunges. Get creative!

Also, don’t forget about your stairs and chairs. Walking up and down stairs is great cardio and excellent exercise for your legs and glutes. And a chair can be used to workout those triceps – just do a few dips!

More than anything, you must have a PLAN. You and I both know that if there is no plan, it’s harder to keep going with a routine. You may do one exercise, take a break, watch a little television, change music options, but you fail to complete a high-level 30-minute cardio routine. Think it out. Concentrate on a warm up, arms, legs, and then abs. Consider three exercises for each body area. For example, you might do jogging and jumping jacks to warm up; bicep curls, push ups, and shoulder touches for arms; lunges, squats, and front kicks for legs, and then sits ups and crunches for abs. PLAN IT! It’s a must. 

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