It was a night of 9th February 2014. She got her periods on Friday, 7th February 2014 and has an average cycle length of 26 days based on several last cycles. She was completely naked and I was with under ware and shorts. I was on top of her. I was stroking against her vagina like having sex but was clothed as explained above. I ejaculated in my underware and could saw a big wet spot on the outside of my pants. I am worried if she can be pregnant from this act. But no direct touching of private parts though she was naked. On two other occasions on 14 th February also we had dry humping. No penetrative, both of us with clothes on. But once on the upper side of her pajamas had a wet spot which was due to my cum. But nowhere near the clothes covering the vaginal opening. What are the chances of pregnancy from these acts? Will you please answer me?