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My 5 year old daughter has several enlaged lynmph nodes in her stomach.They are surrounding ber belly button, At first there was no pain when you pushed on her belly, and now there is discomfort almos all of the time. She has had an ultra sound showing the enlaged lynmph nodes and there seem to be several of them. urine test come back normal, have tried giving her ibuprophen for the pain and swelling(suggested by DR.) What could cause this?? She has had a upset stomach for the better part of 7-8 months Please help.. Concerned Mom in Logan



my 5 year old daughter has the same problem. the largest lymph node is 15 mm and is nearly touching her appendix which is also slightly swollen. she feels pain everytime she wants to pass stool, pain sometimes after eating food, and upset stomach. this has been going on for about more that one year. now the doctor has given her antibiotic and this is the 3 rd day of usage.
i will keep you informed in this case, and we can share problems and solutions if you wish.
wishing good health for both our daughters

bye for now