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TRY OUR SEARCH! 22 yr old son has been battling with kidney stones for several months...while doing ct scans the urologists found his lymph nodes around the stomach area to be enlarged...his primary care doctor and the urologists seemed to not be to concerned with this problem and more concerned with the stone issue...what could it be ?? could it be related to the urinary tract issue ??/ i am very concerned...and the doc says it could be so many son has had ivp...ct scans, bloodwork ,urine samples are they just brushing this off....what should we do ??



Well they are right in my opinion because as much as I know lymph nodes only get enlarged when you have an infection in your body. As soon as you get rid of that infection your lymph nodes will get back to normal. So my advice would be to focus his treatment of his kidney stones. There is a chance that he can get urinary tract infection as well so he has to be careful. Did they suggest any treatment for kidney stones? I know doctors try with medication first but if it is not function then they suggest a surgery to get rid of the stones. I hope this helped a bit. Good luck to both of you.