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My daughter(10) has had constipation for about a year now.with the constipation she had abdominal pain, vomiting, and just recently has she been diagnosed with having swollen lymph nodes in her stomach. I took her to the doctor and they performed a blood test and a CT scan. They said everything was ok besides the swollen lymph nodes, they sent us home and told me to give her tyenol and motrin and plenty of fluids. Its been about 5 days since seeing the doctor and she is still experiencing severe abdominol pain, vomiting, headaches, and weakness. What other tests can I ask to be taken? Is it possible that the lymph nodes could have been caused by the constipation?


When lymph nodes are in question there can be some complications when they are enlarged.

For example if the lymph node swelling is related to an infection that is not treated consequence of this may require incisional drainage and antibiotics and of course you want to avoid this. And further more even the skin under the enlarged lymph node can get infected.

In some other cases the lymph nodes can become so large that they compress other nearby structures in the body.

This could be a serious problem which can require immediate medical attention. For example an enlarged lymph node inside the abdomen can compress the intestines and cause an obstruction of the intestines and if this is something that can happen to your daughter it is time to seek second medical opinion. I hope everything will end up fine. Keep us posted.