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I was diagnosed with a recurrant ingunal hernia (left side if that matters) lat November (about 4 months ago) and had surgury less than a week later. the surgury was uneventfull, according to the doc, and I assumed I would be back on my feet within a fiew weeks, as my first repair was.

this was not the case.

There was a great deal of swelling and much more discomfort immediatly following the operation, I figured this was due to the fat that they had to remove the old prosthetic mesh they used in the first operation. After the swelling went down I was diagnosed with a testicular hematoma and sent to a urologist.

My uroligist gave me some antibiotics to prevent an infection, and later had to change the antibiotic due to the presence of one. I have consistantly been on antibiotics for three months and still have a low grade infection.

I also still have a small mass above my tetstical, about the width of a pencil that extends up the spermatic chord up to the surgical site. there is also arigidity around the surgical site that has never gone away. I have been having abdominal pain in the lower gut on that side since the operation but the uroligist seems unconcerned. but I am

again it has been four months since the operation now. I am still not bact to my normal activities, I am in pain after doing a load of laundery, and due to me being home all day I have put on 30 lbs

HELP any Ideas what is going on down there???


Did anyone ever get back to you in this? I had a hernia surgery three weeks ago and have the same left side testicular pain.