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 Hey all, I have done so much reading on this site and research in general and decided to post to see if anyone can help or knows of anything.  I've had this dull, aching pain in the scrotum now for 5 months and it's really annoying to have to deal with.  If I can give a lowdown-

One  day I was masturbating for like 10 mins but decided not to really ejaculate since it was for more personal reasons (wanted to abstain for a while).  The next day or two, when I ejaculated, not much sperm came out and the liquid in the ejaculate was also minimal. I got real worried thinking it had something to do with 'refraining' from ejaculating that one day when masturbating for 10 mins or so, thinking it might have caused an issue.  A week or so later I went to the bookstore just to read on my leisure time, and after sitting for 1 hour or so of reading, the moment I got up to leave, a sudden, sharp dull pain hit my left testicle, and veins had 'popped' out on the left side of the scrotum.  It was a large varicocele I later discovered.

A week later, with the newly developed varicocele that was visible on the scrotum, I masturbated/ejaculated, and sperm/liquid all came out normally like it used to.  Had a semen analysis as well and they said it was all fine.

Had an ultrasound done and it said I had 'bilateral' varicocele - large left one and mild right one.  The only one that was visible by the eye was the left one as the veins just suddenly popped out the moment from getting up the seat  at the bookstore.  When that hit, I had pain ever since.  Doctor ordered ciprofloxacin anti-biotic, was on it for 2 weeks and ibuprofen, did nothing to rid the pain and get back to normal. Went to another good urologist and recommended to do the varicocele repair on left side only, as I wanted the veins gone whether it was related to the pain or not since it was a self-conscious issue to see veins down there.  Had the procedure done and the doctor said everything went excellent for the surgery, and that side of the scrotum is completely back to normal appearance-wise (smooth and looks regular like the right side - all good).  However....the PAIN is still there!

Even before the repair, there was pain on both sides of the testicle/scrotum, and the pain would "alternate" back and forth from the left side to the right, with more pain at times being on the right.  Now, 2.5 weeks after the left side varicocele repair, I am still getting alternating pain, from the left side of the scrotum to the right side, with more pain being on the right (I can't exactly pinpoint if it is but seems to be).  I  still get pain on the left side which is where the varicocele was removed, that "dull" dragging ache of a feeling, and then it can switch over to the right side throughout the day.  This is real confusing and annoying.

Does anyone know what this "alternating" pain in the scrotum is or had a similar experience? The pain is not really at the bottom tip of the testicles, but more so the "top back" of where the scrotum is, so kind of behind maybe, but it gives the impression that the pain is on the sides of the testicles on the left scrotum and right scrotum.  Need to say....the pain is never occurring on BOTH testicles at the same time, it only happens on ONE side....stays there, then can travel to the other side throughout the day! This is real annoying as this "dull like" pain has been like this for 5 months.  Am following up with the doctor next week and he is aware of it....but does anyone here know what this is or what the cause of the pain is?

Had it anything to do with that initial masturbation session where I chose not to ejaculate that day? I mean there were several other times when I didn't climax as well other than that day, and everything was always fine the next day.  

What I can say  definitely is that the moment I got up from the chair at the bookstore that day, reading for 1 hour, a sudden pain HIT my left testicle, and it's been like that now ever since, with the pain alternating.

If there are any Dr's on this site please offer some insight....this is really bothersome and am real curious what this can be.  *Ultrasound said there is no testicular cancer or anything like that.  It's just the alternating pain....

Thank you..



Did you find out an answer? I have the same thing going on.


Did you find out anything? I have the exact same thing going on.