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i have one problem. i'm 24 years old and i fell my heart beating for almost 7 years. I had several tests, like ultrasound, EKG, 24 hours holter and tyroid test. all was normal only FT4 hormon was raised, but TSH, FT3, AntiTPO, AntiTG and TSI were ok. so doctor said that raised bilirubin (I have Gilbert syndrom) caused wrong FT4 result?!

I fell my heart beating nonstop, when i stand up is this beating stronger for few seconds and when i liing on the left side is this feeling also stronger.

i make a lot of sport (MTB and Freeriding) and i have no problems with extreme effort, only thing is ,that i feel heart over my body and in my head.

i was taking some beta-blockator but didn't helped ,only my heart rate had droped down to 45 beats per second.

i will be very happy if somebody will tell me, what that can be!



Hey I am not sure but I have experienced many things in life. Substances, God, all types of pleasure / pain, all different mind sets, moods, 2 times I died and was brought back to life, and many other near death experiences... I am not screwed mentally and now my body is healthy (minus our heart thing) and am a very easy going guy and just today at work my boss says, "I am the most influential person ever to have in his life" from a 62 year old man. and yet again later on my shift a lady name Aly shes about... 50ish years old says to me "there's something about me that makes me glow and people like you". Anyways back to our problem... No doubt I have caused myself to have near strokes before and have pushed my heart to the max due to extreme sports and substance abuse... Oh I am 22 years old. Been clean for a long while now...

But since I have been through a lot I can tell ya I feel my heart beat every beat of my life. I can count my beats per minute without feeling my pulse spots at any time of the day. Similar to you I can feel my toes, head, finger tips beat too. I think my body beats harder due to things i have experienced that have made me more relaxed, sensitive, and aware of my body. No doubt I have taken years off my life from doing harmful things but now I am a very exercising, VERY healthy eating, hold a good stable job with amazing benefits and about to be married very soon. I am not afraid of death...I can only do my life moment at a time with what I can with what I have.

Sorry for my broken english. Also I think this "problem" (don't think of it as a problem and don't worry about it, it is not life threatening) is only a result or symthom of past things which cannot be helped... It used to worry me but our time on this earth is short anyways 60-80 years if your lucky... then your gone. Have peace, have fun, be a good influence, and serve the Creator!