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Hello, I need some advice...

Unfortunately I made the big mistake of having unprotected sex and ended up getting something.

It was last week when I started having this bad feeling in my penis and of course it started to sting when I urinated after a couple of days. I went to the local clinic and the doc said it was Chlamydia so he gave me a 7 day prescription of Doxycycline. So when i left the clinic i immediately picked up the prescription and took my 1st dose (this was monday). Its now Friday and although the stinging sensation has almost gone away, I'm still having discharge coming out of my everyone describes: thick yellow and white.

But Yesterday morning I put on some white underwear so I could see how much was still coming out and when I got home from work I looked at it and saw that I was still getting a lot of discharge coming out....even worse, there was traces of blood all around the discharge. Now I'm scared because everywhere I read, there is no mention of blood discharge for Chlamydia or any STD (except 4 women).

I was reading that these symptoms are similar to a Urinary Tract Infection, BUT, I'm not getting any of the other symptoms that they describe (abdomen pain, feeling sick or tired, frequent urge to urinate). I feel completely healthy, except for when I urinate......

So my questions are:
is some blood discharge from the penis normal for stds (Chlamydia)?
Should I give the meds a couple more days....
or is this a sign of something worse?

I hesitate to go back the doc so soon because i'm paying out of my pocket and it wasn't cheap.

thanks for any advice!


Yeah...that doesn't sound good it could be one or two things...when your discharge dries up it may sticking to your underwear causing skin to tear when you pull them down or it could be should go back to the doctor to have that checked out...before it worsens.