So I went to the doctor last week to have some testing done. Although gonorrhea/chlamydia tests are still out, I'm exhibiting all the symptoms and the doctor gave me the single dose Azhitromycin and then Ciprofloxicin 2x a day for 7 days. I was experiencing painful urination and discharge when I went in. My discharge subsided almost immediately after starting pills. A few days later, my eye starts to get really red, so I went back to the doctor. I was then put also on the Erythromicin eye ointment and they also gave me the shot for gonorrhea just to help kick start even more successful healing.
When I went into the doctor the second time about the eyes, I had also had some blood in my urine. I think that is what prompted her to do the shot, but she didn't seem to express any concern over this single fact (the blood part). Now, my urination is considerably more painful - like peeing out liquid shards of glass.. and I have blood basically every time I urinate. It doesn't seem to really be mixed with my urine.. more it's coming from my urethra from a sore I suppose.. or something that is healing. I was just wondering, though, if there is any medications I could take or ointments for down there that might help with pain? Should I call my doctor or wait it out 'til my appointment two days from now? Just wondering what kind of healing process happens with gonorrhea/chlamydia, time tables, and what I can expect from here. Any help would be great!