I have been healthy all my life. I am now 51 years of age. I started experiencing psome pain in my two middle fingers. I figured it was due to strain on the ligaments due to my occupation as a psw. Personal support worker. I have been juicing for 2 years now. On a recent former job with a client during her excercise stretching required applying alot of pressure on my wrists. I started experiencing alot of numbness and tingiling in both arms and went out to get wrist braces. Figure it is a good chance it is carpal tunnel, but not sure. I also think it is due to arthitis which i have read could mimic symtoms of carpal tunnel. I have also exteme stiffness of the fingers with the sensation of fat fingers although they are not swollen. It seems to get better through movement but still are bothersome during the day. Burning and tingling during the day with at times turning hot and cold . I tend to doubt sometimes that it is carpal tunnel besause the baby finger side and wrist bone baby finger side is sore and not the thumb side.which they say the thumb side is usually the case involed. I recently seen my doctor to get tested but in my area i would have to drive 4 hours away to get tested for that. My doctor has tested me for rhumetoid arthritis but are waiting for the results. I also am experiencing stiffness and pain in other joints as well . Does anyone have any other insight on this.