I got a scary symptom. 3 weeks ago my thumb went numb. Well not numb, but got this painfull feeling when touching anything - nerve pain. It is called dyshesthesia in medical term. It feels like I would have frostbite near the nails and hit my fingertip with hammer. I do not feel ok on this finger of course, the feeling is half numb, but oversensitive to stimuli. Wiping in towel for example is painfull with nerve pain.

I didn't have any injury. Sometimes in this 3 weeks it went a little better for few hours (like from 100% to 60% bad) but then intensified again. I am so scared this has to be something bad as it doesn't get better. I am waiting for EMG but I have to wait a month, maybe my nerve dies in one month.

I have read all internet, but I have not found anything like it. It is not carpal tunnel, Tinel and Hoffman signs are negative, I don't have wrist pain. My "only" problem is the most sensitive area of the thumb, the first cnuckle, fingertip. It is very bothersome as this place is our primary touching base and thumb is the most important finger. It's like 2x2 cm, but it is such a bad feeling and I don't know what this is.

After some 14 days I got a little of this problem in the index fingertip also, but very little, mostly buzzing of a nerve from time to time (at rest). In thumb, I have to say I don't have paresthesia, that is tingling when at rest, just the touch is altered in a bad and paintfull way...

Anybody else has or had such strange symptoms?