A little history: The urologist said there is a stone in my right kidney AND one in my left kidney. As of ultrasound 4 months ago they said where the stones are located they would not be causing the pain. Here I am again with the stabbing right flank pain. I had kidney stones with my last pregnancy - 6 years ago. Was treated with stents until the stones passed. Is it possible the stones have moved in the past few months? I also have a chronic UTI that NONE of the antibiotics have cleared up and they said there is nothing else they can do until I have the baby.

As of today, I had a low grade fever, hot/cold sweats, no appetite, and I am exhausted. I am High risk due to High blood pressure, and I had brain surgery one year ago this month on an aneurysm.  I noticed when this pain intensifies my BP spikes big time as well. Is that something to be concerned with? Also pain increases and I start having, what I assume are Braxton Hicks. The pain is not that bad, its noticeable but doesn't trump the flank pain. I drink A TON of water daily and my urine output is not very good at all. They did notice I was retaining urine at my last Urologist appt. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Not sure how much more I can handle.