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I've recently realized that I'm incredibly numb in my vagina. My clit still has feeling, but I can run my fingernail over the top of the vagina opening and not feel a thing. Nor when I put something inside (again, even when I scratch gently with a fingernail.) Is this normal?


You should play aroun with what feels good when utouch ur vulva. maybe try circles or upward,downward caress etc.
Also, before inserting anything into ur vag opening, make sure u are aroused through foreplay (like nipple play, touching ur outter lips).use lube to make the touch feel smoother, a gd indicator that u are aroused/turned on an ready for fingers,intercourse,toys in the vag is if it WET. Use lube to help u get started.

scratching gently ur nails is not arousing for u at this time. change up the way you touch your vulva. Also, u can play with the hood of ur vag, the shaft, stroke it a man strokes his penis. the head of the clit is oftn too sensitive to touch directly.

hope this helps & have fun! ur the best woman to pleasure urself.x