Hello, I have has a raised ocipital lymph node on the right side of my neck( hair line) at the rear for many months now. i have had 2 blood test done and my white blood cell count is completely normal. I have been suffering from headaches (I believed to be tension style) I have seen a physio who has massaged my shoulders and neck which seems to relieve it temporarily. I take thyroxine for an underactive thyroid and have a very small goitre which was confirmed by ultrasound. I also had a blocked saliva gland on the roof of my mouth, a biopsy of this was taken with nothing showing. My GP is now refering me to a specialist for my lymph node. Other than the headaches no other symptoms have occured. I have not lost weight ( the opposite in fact) and am sleeping well. Also bizarrely paracettamol and a Red Bull drink or similar shifts the headache within 30 minutes.!! Your thoughts please