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I'm 17, and the other day I happened to itch my neck and felt small bump, I'd say about 1.5 mm in size or maybe even smaller.You cant notice it unless you physically poke around under your neck and find it.Its not rock hard but its not soft, I'd say its firm, and it dosnt move at all, you cant really feel it unless you flex your neck and tongue muscles together which flexes the muscles under the chin.Its not really painful, just irritated because i keep poking it alot.I dont have any other swollen lymph nodes, its just this one in particular.Also, I've checked the the symptoms for all the types of lymph node cancers out there and none of them apply to me except for being tired, except i go to bed to late so that explains why.Also cancer has never run in my family so its probably rare for me.I know I had a cold (runny nose, coughing,sneezing) that lasted maybe a day, but I doubt that caused it.I have no clue what could be causing this, I don't have a fever so it cant be an infection.I'm not sick in any way, i feel totally fine and normal like i do everyday.The small bump also isn't rough in anyway, its totally smooth.I know I read online somewhere that adolescents tend to have sometimes enlarged lymph nodes because of active immunity.But i only have just one enlarged ?What could be causing this as I'm paranoid and extremely worried.I need peace of mind.I


I'm 19 and I have almost the same problem, as well as wierd heart beat, both those problems are scaring me. Have you found out what is wrong with your Lymph Node swelling, or what is causing it?