Okay, so, my boyfriend is having swollen lymph nodes in his neck, as well as the back of the head. To be exact it seems like the occipital, cervical, and submandibular lymphs. He also gets sharp pains in his chest, which he thinks is his heart, but it seems to me they could be the lymph nodes in that area as well. He also, only a few times, got a sharp pain in the ones near his groin. I heard that occipital lymph nodes get swollen from fungal infections or some kind of infection, and he did have a fungal infection in one of his big toes. They removed the nail, put some stuff on it so it wouldn't grow back, and it did grow back, and it grew back kinda funky. He also has these rash-like areas, on his inner thigh, along his neck. It's not like one huge rash, but in the areas they're in it's more like small (not perfect) circles almost. Of a very light reddish color. He's also had a pilonidal cyst removed, which got infected and they had to go back in. He's had terrible back pains ever since. At first our minds were thinking chiari or something, but now I'm leaning towards some kind of fungal infection? He does have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and we're just trying to figure out possibilities. We've been to several doctors and they all tell him he's fine. Also, the swelling of the lymph nodes in his neck comes and goes through out the day, they also send sharp pains through his head. It started on just the left side, then his ocipital swelled, and now it's on his right side.... Any help or ideas would be awesome, thank you! He's very worried, gets bad anxiety.