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I just got off the pill and had my AF last jan. 13. I expected my next AF to be around feb 12-feb 14 but it did not came. My cycle is usually around 32-35 days. I got off the pill twice, last september and november but period came like normal. except for this month.

I had intercourse last feb 13 only because i had all the PMS symptoms and was expecting my AF to arrive. Until now though, I still don't have it and it's already the 42nd day in my cycle. I'm negative in all my HPTs (I know is a bit early but at least shouldn't it be showing even a faint positive by now if I am pregnant?) 


I'm really confused right now. This delay could be because of my getting off the pill or I ovulated later than usual.

I no longer feel the PMS symptoms. They were very prominent during 28th-39th day on my cycle. Now there is nothing but still no period? I feel a bit hyperacidic though but that's about it. No more tender breasts, no more backpains, no mood swings. I'm not sure if it's hyperacidity of hunger pangs but if that's the case, shouldn't it be showing a positive result if I am pregnant? because these symptoms only start when you have enough hcg hormones in your body, right?

Could it be that my hormones went haywire that's why i'm feeling all those PMS symptoms few days ago and that now it's starting to regulate itself again?

i'm really confused. this wait is getting very frustrating


nevermind. had my period today.