Ok well here goes, I've been to the ER 6 times, been to priamry, been to diffrent ER's had x-rays/ ultra sounds/ blood from veins/ blood from my artery. All these show nothing. The problem I have is, my chest has a burning/ swollen feel right by my inner left nipple and goes up to my left shoulder but it gets lighter in burning feeling the more  it gets to my arm . Also in my back I have a pain between my left shoulder blade and my spine. It doesn't hurt alot feels like a bruise under my skin but there's no bruise, now I have felt around back there and noticed right where the pain is there's like a vein or something that seems a little inflamed and hurts when i poke on it. What I think is I have a pinched nerve in my back, could this cause my chest to swell or have this burning sensation. My chest feels like a burning strip or something under my skin..It's so weird. The docotrs said I had cartilogist or something basically I pulled cartilage in my chest, so I let heal for two weeks and it seemed ok but as soon as I went back to work, bam it flammed up again. I just want this gone. Also as of yesterday I have a sinus infection and I'm on amoxicillen. I don't know if the sinus infection could cause this but I doubt it. Also my back feels like it just needs to be cracked but it wont and I only tried a couple times in fear that if it did crack I could do some damage. My chest feels tender when I touch it but I try not to touch it becasue it seems like it makes it worse. I use to smoke pot but when this started pot would make my chest burn so bad and just felt like it would intesify the swelling feeling and I know pot is a infamitory so this is normal. Just confused on what I need to do to be able to go to work.