Hello. I am pragya singh. I had my periods on 6th feb. I had intercourse on 15th feb by a withdrawal process. And had i pill on 17tb feb. I also had prgnancy test on this day too. It was negative. From 24th feb that is 1 week after having i pill i had spotting ( brownish mucus in a very little amount was there). I also had a pregnancy tst on this day it was negative. But from 26th feb spotting did not occurred. I am having my next period date on 4th march that i today and till now i did not have my periods but from yesterday and day before yesterday i am having pain in my legs the way i had during my periods. Am i pregnant ? Are these sign of pregnancy ? Did i had an i pill that's why i missed my period or had that spotting for 3 days? Am i pregnant? But i m am not having any abdominal pain nausea vomitting.