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Hey I was just wondering about a  small red bump that I seem to have on my upper shaft. It has been there for a few months now. It is a tiny bump that is relatively flat. Doesn't cause any pain, itching, or anything like that. It hasn't gotten bigger or worse/ The only thing that changes is sometimes it is more red than others, and sometimes its hardly noticeable. Any ideas on what it might be? 


It’s most likely nothing to worry about, especially if it causes no pain and isn’t excreting any pus or other liquid. It may be a pimple, it may be a wart, or it may just be slight skin irritation. You can always ask a doctor to check it out if you are worried.  The penis is prone to lots of irritation and resulting pimples, rashes, etc., due both to the warm, moist environment of the crotch and the thinness of the skin on the penis.  One way to keep it healthy is to employ a good penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).  One with vitamin A can also help to reduce the odor that is often found around the penis.