Read my post earlier on Page 3, I go into explicit detail of what I have been experiencing with suspected GB attacks, over the last 6 years. All the symptoms I have been experiencing are classic gallbladder attacks, however I was diagnosed with a Normal gallbladder by several physicians.

On Monday of this week I had an excrusiating attack after work, and took 2 Lortabs to weather it out. I eventually went to the emergency room and was admitted and the next day given all the same tests again in this order:
CT Scan = Normal no stones detected
Upper endoscopy = I had a bad case of gastritis (swollen small intestine)
Ultrasound = Normal no stones, and GB appeared to be normal
HIDA SCAN == ABNORMAL! After 90 minutes on the table my GB failed to fill with bile the doctor said I had Acute Cholecystitis and I was booked for surgery!

I had complete blockage of my bile duct from the GB and no stones were present - the doctor says this occured due to infection in my gallbladder that caused a blockage in my cystic duct.

After surgery I talked with my surgeon; gallbladder was enlarged due to the infection, several areas on the gb were blackened with gangreous discharge seeping through perferations of the gb. Dangerous situation.

I potentially was hours from having a ruptured gb, which would have been very dangerous as my abdominal cavity would have been filled with bacteria, which would have put me on another topic board altogether, somthing like "I had a fatal/near fatal gallbladder rupture".

Had it not been for my HIDA Scan I would not have been diagnosed with an Acute Cholecystitis.

My suggestion to anyone reading this who has a similar history as I have, would be to seek out quality medical advice.