I'm a 21 almost 22 year old female. 

I went to the ER probably 2 weeks ago with some massive pains in my RUQ and felt sick. Nurses immediately assumed my gallbladder and so did the PA. Blood work was immediately done -- elevated LFTs. Everything else normal. Murphy's sign present. They sent me over for a abdominal US thinking I may have a blockage, stones or infection. NOTHING it came back normal. Everyone (including myself) agreed it's gallbladder and they said it's more thank likely spasming. 

I was sent home and told see your PCP. I saw her the following monday (i went over the weekend). She looked at me and knew it's all gallbladder related. She sent me for HIDA with CCK. HIDA went okay - no crazy pains like I've read online. I just had more of a dull ache. I got a call from a nurse saying scan was NORMAL. I was pissed. They told me go to GI.

Called GI and spoke with a nurse. She told me my EF rate was 71.9% I've seen anything over 60 is considered high? Please confirm or disprove. Saw the GI today. Total jack ass who didn't tell me anything more than what I knew already. He suggested an upper end to "see" but also referred me to a surgeon. He didn't have any interest in my 71.9% EF rate or my knowledge (studying to by a doctor myself). 

I consult with a surgeon next month. CANNOT WAIT.


Slight weight loss

Pain URQ worse with food especially fatty.

Burping constantly 


Strong family history go GB disease 

Onset of pain probably 1 hour after meals. 


Slightly elevated LFTs.

Anyone have anything similar happen? If this surgeon refuses to take it out, I'm going to lose it.