16 year old daughter has been suffering with gallbladder problems, every classic symptoms, including the severe painful attacks daily, she has missed a lot of school, is losing weight. A week ago her attacks sent us to the ER. All labs came back normal. She had an ultrasound as well ultrasound showed gallbladder was distended and enlarged with small amount of gravity dependent intraluminal biliary sludge. Clinical impression was Biliary colic. ER doctor said in his report he is convinced it is a gallbladder problems but gallbladder findings are not enough to justify emergency surgery. We will get HIDA to document defective gallbladder function for referral to surgery. Daughter had the HIDA scan very next day. They had her drink half and half very quickly, she said they had her chug it, no cck was available. We followed up with doctor as instructed by ER discharge doctor said not her gallbladder it was probably stress or irritable bowel never mentioned HIDA scan results. We went and got results from hospital. Her ejection fraction was 51 %. What do we do now, our daughter is suffering daily? Should we get a second HIDA scan with cck? Would results be the same? Any advice, please help.