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Hi. I have an addiction of biting my nails and its a serious habit. I don't know wether this site might help me or not, but its worth a shot. (: So, I've tried painting my nails so that I don't bite them but then I end up biting them again (Even with the nail polish on)

Is there any health issue I should be worried about while biting my nails?

Everyone says its so easy: Just stop putting your fingers in your mouth! Well, its not. I've tried that but by the end of the day I've chewed half my nail up.

So, I was just wondering...does anyone have a suggestion on how I can stop this habit? If so, Please comment!


H. Styles<3


They have nasty tasting c**p that they sell that you put on your hands to stop biting, because it tastes horrible or maybe its nail polish that tastes bad. I dont know the name.