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I have just returned from a colarectal surgeon that says he cannot help me get any relief...I still have not healed from surgery...This doctor does not believe in this type surgery...The surgeon who did the surgery has moved out of state..Still have bleeding and four to five BM's a day...
Inflamation and pain at times...Upon examination this doctor explained that I am not healed, have hundreds of tiny staples (some have fallen out) and scar tissue..he said he could go in and "clean this up" but chances are it would reoccure..


I have had a hemorrhoid surgery 6 months ago and still have bleeding time to time. I've had this surgery in Arizona by Doctor David Larson. After the surgery, I have been frequent visiting Dr. Larson to stop the pain during bowl movement and bleeding however many prescriptions did not cure the cause. I go to bathroom at least twice a day. Most of the time, I can not hold it for long and have to rush to bathroom within a minute. I had come to myself couple times because I could not make it on time. I also have pain and inflammation time to time during bowl movement. However the most scary part for me at the moment is that I am still bleeding in every 2 weeks for at least 3-4 times during bathroom visits and I am not healing. it has been quite some time I have had surgery so still not getting healed worries me. I am not sure if I have a scar tissue or it is internal hemorrhoids causing bleeding. I am considering about getting second opinion but I am afraid another surgery will be recommended.

My last visit to Dr. David Larson, Mesa Arizona, was last month, he suggested that I have to go for another surgery but having so much pain from the first surgery and giving incorrect information before the surgery scares me. Before the surgery, he told me that I would recover within 2 weeks and within 2 months, I will feel completely normal. However since surgery, I feel nothing but normal again. It affected me physically as well as mentally. When I see someone falls down, I feel pain myself as well. Sometimes I feel pain after making love with my wife which I feel embarrassing. I have heard that I am not alone in this situation and another surgery for others were also suggested. Since each surgery costs about $5,000 or more, I start to wonder that if Doctors might intentionally not curing you %100 so you will come back for another surgery. If anyone experienced what I have been so far, and especially from Dr. Larson, please contact me at _[removed]_. I hope that I am just an exception doctors are not playing money games on people's health.

Thank you

Yusuf Yildiz