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ok im 13 and ive had alot of guys finger me, but they all used 1 finger. so when they tryed 2 fingers or i tryed masterbating with sumthing like a banana it wudnt fit, and there was an extreme pain when they/it were/was forced!!! is it cuz my 'cherry' might not b popped? and if so how do i pop it myself so it wont hurt when im with a guy?

i no im asking the answer to a question u probly think is common sense, but plz help me!



STOP ! If your so called "cherry" hasent popped then you certiantley dont want to pop it! The reason that there was a pain is because your vagina is not used to locating things of this size yet. As i am sure you can see there is a large diffrence between a finger and a banna. If you really want to be able to start mastubating with larger objects then you need to gradually build up over time. This will get more and more pleasurble aswell. But watever you do never force things as the vagina is a delicate place and damiage now can last a lifetime.

Hope it all works out ;-)