Hi, a little bit about me. I'm newly 19, and have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. This summer I went to the hospital for the first time for sharp lower abdominal pain. After many tests they sent me home saying it was a uti and possible crohns. So I was sent to see my gastro where I was diagnosed with ibs. (even though my symptoms weren't very severe other than having constipation and upset stomachs sometimes.) a few more months go by and while I was having sex with my boyfriend I feel a sharp pain in my lower right side again that sorta numbed my leg. we went to the hospital where they did more tests and I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. After this is when my periods just stopped. (I started birth control after my first hospital visit) They sent me to see another Gyno for follow up ultrasound but he kinds just slumped me off and told me to just take a higher dose for my birth control and the cyst should clear. several months and the cyst doesn't clear, no periods and a lot more pain and discomfort. He has sent me to get an ultrasound at my hospital thats for this Thursday to see if the cyst got bigger if it did he'd remove it surgically. but in between the last time I saw him to now. My stomach started becoming distended after I ate and wouldn't go away. I look pregnant. I have no appetite and nausea constantly. When it began I thought I had maybe this ibs problem so I cut dairy and gluten out even though I never needed to before. But this bloating is still there even though I barley eat. I also have to pee constantly and its never a long pee always very short and never could fully let it all out. As well as this terrible constipation. Ive looked at my bloated stomach and noticed a slightly larger bulge near where the cyst is when compared to my normal side. I'm really nervous and unsure what to do.