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i had a cyst on my left ovary and I was pregnant. I was told that my life is in danger because I was pregnant and there is a cyst. they ended up taking out the cyst and my left ovary because they could not stop the bleeding during the procedure. after three days I had a miscarriage. what should I do? should I sue malpractice?


Well, I'm not sure...after all they did probably save your life because these cysts could burst and you could really die from bleeding. This is why my mother had hysterectomy, because of this cyst.

I'm very sorry that you had a miscarriage, it must feel awful and you must feel sad but by saving your life, they did a lot.

You still have one tube left and you will be able to get pregnant again.

This is just my personal opinion but if you are uncertain, you should talk to another medical professional. I'm not sure if they could have prevented the miscarriage and if the miscarriage occurred due to the surgery.