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I am a female age 22 im very active i love to box after runing or sparring at time i hve very bad pains in my stomach n when i pee im bleeding when i wipe sometimes red some brown blood but thst stoped for acouple days but i still get bad pain in my stomach but now when i pop im bleeding im geting scared and dont no what i should do and i hate hosptial someone help


Hello dezz... are you sure the blood is from your urine, not a period?  You can be having some breakthrough bleeding and it looks like it is from your urinating or passing stool.  Are the pains in your stomach frequent or every so often?  Try and see if this is the true origin of the blood.  If you are truly bleeding from the rectum, it could be hemorrhoids.  You should go to the doctor if you determine you are not menstruating or have hemorrhoids. 

Has anyone else ever had these symptoms and if so, what did it turn out to be?