Over a 5 month period I was using approx. 120mg/day of the oxycodone 20mg IR pills perscribed for neck pain.  4 doc's wanted to operate,  I found one that didn't.  So I had a couple neck epidurals that releaved the pain,  but by then I was totally addicted.  The side effects from the oxy were severe stomach pain,  my feet and hands would cramp up horribly, and basically they just did not seem to work anymore.  So I weened down to 60mg. the lowest I could and then just stopped.  I had a good supply of valium from my doctor and clonidine patches.  My first night I beleive my heart stopped twice.  At which point I applied the clonidine patch and took a 5 mg. valium.  I'm 59 and in really bad health, liver shot, diabetes, etc.  The stomach ulcers and muscle cramps vanished.  The worst part for me was severe depression.  I'm into day 7 and feel like I have a bad cold,  guess I will need a another week.  Just wanted to say I never would have made it without the valium, I only would take 2.5 mg when I felt like climbing the walls.  I was using a home blood pressure meter since my doc said I was in stoke territory at one point.  Before the oxy my blood pressure was perfect.  Good luck to anyone detoxing at home.