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I have been on oxycodone for about 8 years. I've decided I'm done. I started a cold turkey detox recently and it has now been 48 hours. I work in the medical field so I know I cannot die from this. ..unlike alcohol detox. A terrible accident led me to where I am today and I am beyond sick of it. I just don't want my pain running my life anymore. I have read many posts and I realize I am not alone. So far I have been good. Worst of the withdrawal is the achiness and stomach issues. I I want my life back but at the same time I know I am going to be in pain forever :( I stopped cold turkey and so far I am okay. Idk what to do about the future. I need help.


I too have been trying to detox off of M.S.Contin and Hydrocodone and thus far have not succeded.  Last month I had a long talk with my pain doctor and she is helping me but I find that depression is setting in worse than the withdrawal symptoms like having the flu or achiness.   It seems my body and mind have been affected by the narcotics and I am even seeing a psychologist with a PHD who says that because I have been on the prescribed meds so long my mind cannot produce the natural endorphines needed in every day life and I may never be able to get off the medication for pain.  I have degenerative disc disease and was a former body builder now suffering from my youthful hobby and vanity.  My Pain Management doctor is being very slow.  If you were on the drugs for 8 years it may take you 2 to be fully off.  Pain doctor said to be fully free it takes about a quarter of the time you were on them for the mind to start producing natural feel good chemicals in the brain.  Our bodies shout to the brain to remedy our pain and because it cannot we register that as depression.  Good luck.