I’m writing this mainly as a warning to anyone suffering from sleep apnea or suspecting he or she does have this condition. When I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea and got all CPAP equipment I did not find it comfortable at all and I simply couldn’t fall asleep wearing the mask. But each day I continued to feel weaker and weaker, as if I didn’t sleep.

When my wife finally persuaded me that I visit a specialist and have a full sleep study done, the results not only shocked me, but really gotten me scared. No wonder i was feeling weak as a twig - the results showed that without a CPAP mask my blood oxygen levels drop as low as 70%. Just as a comparison, everything below 95% is considered a good enough reason for hospitalization.

So, to anyone out there suffering from sleep apnea - take this problem seriously and use your equipment, it might be saving your life!