I was diagnosed as having "severe" OSA in 2006. In 1999 I began getting severe headaches at 4 a.m. every day. Did not need an alarm clock, as I could count on these headaches waking me! Was never tested for SA, as I didn't know anything about it, until 2006. After having headaches for 7 years and going on the CPAP, headaches immediately stopped (thank God). I have always snored loudly and had been told by family and friends for years my sleep wasn't normal.
I had always considered myself a night person. Work bagan at 7:30; I wasn't fully functioning until 11:00 am. Thought it was just normal. I stopped working my day job in 1994.
My question is: is it possible, or even highly probable, that I had sleep apnea prior to 1994? I suspect I would've been "severe" in 1999 if tested then. How long could it take for a person NOT having any signs of SA to being considered "severe"? I suspect it would take years, having to go thru' the mild and moderate stage first. Please have a doctor answer.